Bali Dive Package

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Dive package (multi-day diving, returning to your Hotel in South Bali each day) are good for people who have to return to the same hotel in the south every evening after diving; for example divers with families or partners who don’t dive, or for people who want to have non-diving days between diving days.

Tell us your wishes, how many days you want to dive and we will help you to pick  dive sites, and the best itinerary; and make up a package price to suit your wishes.

To help you get started, below are our most popular Dive Package that cover the most favorite dive sites, being 3 day-trips:

Dive Package “Favourite Diving”   —-    3 Days / 6 dives

Favorite Bali Diving Package

Favorite Bali Diving Package



Do not hesitate to contact us for any Bali Diving Package; we can make up a special itinerary to suit your need; just ask!

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