Diving Tulamben


 All levels Shore  5-20m 26-30°C  Calm

IDR 1.600.000

2 dives

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The once-small fishing village of Tulamben has the world famous USAT Liberty to dive on. This large shipwreck lies in shallow water, which since it’s sinking in 1963 has become a fantastic artificial reef, making it a great dive-site for beginners and advanced alike.


Reason to dive here

Divers come from all around the world to see this fantastic wreck with it’s unique atmosphere. It lies at exactly the right depth to promote great coral growth, as it gets gentle nourishing currents, and is untouched by wave movement. The restaurant is on the beach and you can snorkel, so it’s a great day out for the whole family!

Type Reef / Wreck dive
Access 2 hours drive from Sanur, shore entry
Coral/bottom Black sand bottom; abundant soft and hard coral of many types on the wreck;
Marine life All tropical reef life and fish also bump-head parrot fish, barracuda, shoals of snappers, and bottom/sand dwellers – ribbon eels, mantis shrimps,
anemone fish etc
Current/conditions none to gentle
Visibility 10m – 35m
Depth 7 – 30m
Experience level from complete beginner to advanced
Photography Wide angle, macro, snapshot


Key information

  • Prepare for a 2 hour trip through forests and villages to get to Tulamben
  • bring any personal items you wish, anything you don’t need for the diving will be securely locked in the bus
  • there is plenty of shade
  • there are showers in the restaurant and on the beach – bring flip-flops to wear in wet areas
  • the beach is stoney not sandy so open-heel fins and booties are required
  • Snorkeling here is very good over the wreck



You are picked up at your hotel, and taken to our Dive-centre, to pick up the equipment and refreshments. A 2 hour drive through Balinese forests and rice-fields brings you to Tulamben, where you can relax while the local porters bring your equipment to the open-air restaurant under the trees on the beach. After a briefing and preparation of the equipment, you put it on and walk the 10m down to the water. The wreck lies directly in front of the restaurant.
Lunch is in the restaurant, then back in for the 2nd dive.



The Liberty was a US Army Transport ship (USAT) and built over 130 years ago, and used in both world wars. She was damaged in the second world war, and beached in Tulamben on its way to Singaraja for repairs. The famous eruption of Mount Agung in the early 60s caused her to slide down the slope and turn onto her right hand side, and sink. She now lies on her side just off the beach at Tulamben, with the lower hull now buried in the sand at about 7m, so as you swim over it you can easily mistake it for just part of the beach – until you get to the deck which drops away from you to about 25m, with boilers, deck, structure etc all nicely visible and with a couple of swim-throughs for careful divers. The entire ship is encrusted with coral, making this a true artificial reef, and easily worth 2 or more dives. Night-dives and dawn-dives are beautiful here too, with the coral looking great under torch-light, and many different critters to be found, both on the wreck and in the black sand near it, notably many muck-dive critters and huge bump-head parrot fish which disappear during the day.


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